Judy Peppers - School Manager

Judys art career began the 1980s with painting. Love of color brought her to stained glass. Intrigued by kaleidoscopes, it soon became her second passion. From there, she started fusing scrap glass in a microwave kiln, which led to wire wrap as a medium to use the glass in jewelry designs since 1993, wire art has consumed a good portion of her time. In 2000, Judy began classes at William Holland, taking numerous classes, and in 2001, she began Lampwork classes. Since that time, she has taken several works shops and course from any instructor, devoting most of her time to glass beads. Judy has been producing and selling at art galleries and craft festival thought the Southeast since 1987.

Charlie - Facilities Maintenance

Charlie better known as "Grizzly" is undoubtedly William Holland's "MOST WANTED!" It is not uncommon to hear "Where is Charlie" or "I need Charlie" throughout every day during school hours. Charlie is a native and lifelong resident of Hayesville, NC. He came to William Holland in April 2016 with a background in heavy construction. He works during the school season making all necessary repairs to the machines and equipment so the classes run smoothly. If anything goes wrong, Charlie is the one who can and will be called upon to repair the issue. He also makes all room, building, and grounds repairs and upkeep. During the offseason, Charlie can be found renovating and repairing the school so it is ready to open the next Spring season.

Sandi Balchius - Registrar

Stacy Cross - Bookkeeper

Angie Guffey - Administrative Assistant