Alfred  Taylor

Alfred has been in love with the arts from a very young age- graduating from Ball State University with a Bachelor of Arts. He was a District Manager with Paul Harris Stores for seven years and then worked in store management at Target for fifteen years. After leaving retail, he worked as a general manager, a personal trainer and an aerobics instructor for eighteen years before retiring. Currently, he is a personal trainer, teaching Pilates and extreme core. Alfred owns Aba-creation, a working art gallery focused on his love of stained glass and wire wrap jewelry and his wife and daughters love of basketry and pottery. He is currently the Chair of Shelby Arts Fest and is a past president of the Shelby Art Guild and Art Alliance, as well as the Shelby County Art Council. He won the Best of the Best Artist in Shelby County in 2015 & 2016, as well as receiving the Shelby County Chamber of Commerces John A Hartnett. Sr. Business Person of the Year Award in 2013. Mr. Taylors love of designing and creating stained glass has been shaped by his work with Roger Billings. After being introduced to wire wrapping while working with Virginia Tutterow and attending William Holland for several years, Alfred has expanded his interest and talents into the art of making wire jewelry as well.

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Stained Glass 1 - Alfred Taylor
This class will introduce you to full techniques for creating stain glass. We will discuss the differences between glasses, foils, leads, channel and patinas and explain what tools we use and their purposes. Before we actually start making any projects we will practice scoring and breaking glass. This will give us a chance to try different cutters to see what works best for you. After that, we will be making a small sun catcher from beginning to end. We will make the patterns, transfer to it to the glass,score, break, and grind and turn, transfer it to the glass, score, break, and grind and foil the glass, solder the pieces together and finish the piece by cleaning and polishing it. The next projects will increase in the difficulties as we build up the size and number of pieces from the sun catcher culminating in the manufactured of a larger panel, a kaleidoscope and finally a 4D angel. Lab fee covers all materials needed to complete basic projects including glass, solder,lead,marbles, mirrors, foil and edging materials, as well as patterns and instructions for each project. Additional materials will available for purchase.

Lab Fee: $100.00
Estimated Materials Cost: $0-$75.00
Prerequisites: None

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Stained Glass-Kaleidoscopes - Alfred Taylor
This class will introduce students to different types of stained glass kaleidoscopes and the basic behind their workings. We will be making a basic kaleidoscope with marble, a triangle tube stained glass with 2 spin wheels also with stained glass, a kaleidoscope with a glass liquid wand, finally, if time permits a by-wing airplane. Added materials from basic lesson plans will be extra.

Lab Fee: $185.00
Estimated Materials Cost: $0-$75.00
Prerequisites: Expierenced cutting and soldering stain glass

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Wire II - Alfred Taylor
We will begin this class reinforcing wire wrap techniques. Projects will include rings, pendants, bracelets, earrings, wire weaving and studying fabricated pieces to use them as inspirations for creating our own designs. You will need to bring your own wire, mostly 20, 21, 22, 24 square, both half-hard and soft. We will also be using 18ga round, soft wire for clasps. A small amount of 18ga half-round will be need, but mostly we will be wrapping with 20ga half-round. Type of metal is your choice. For wire weaving, we will use copper wire in 18ga round, soft and 24ga round, soft. Although tools will be provided, you can bring your own. You may also bring your own cabs, stones or other pretties. Materials cost depends on types of wire used. The instructor will have some available if needed. You will be contacted three to four weeks before the class with a list of necessary tools, wire and other materials. Lab fee will include copper wire and a notebook with dividers filled with patterns we will be making in the class and other information pertaining to wire wrap or weaving. For more information, you make contact Alfred at 317-364-0712 or via email at:

Lab Fee: $40.00
Estimated Materials Cost: $150-$250
Prerequisites: Recent Wire I with experience in the last year

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