Joan  Stoneham

Joan Stoneham has compiled over 30 years of teaching experience in Basket weaving and other various arts. Basket specialties include weaving styles of Appalachian and Cherokee baskets, flat bottom baskets, rib baskets, and antler baskets as well as the use of naturals, wood bases, twills, and pine needles, to name a few. Joan has traveled through the South and Midwest teaching classes. She currently instructs classes at William Holland School, Center for the Arts in Jupiter, Florida, and in her private studio. Joan's teaching capabilities allow her to make the brand new student feel as comfortable as the intermediate or advanced in creating custom baskets.

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Basketry I - Joan Stoneham
Nothing is as spectacular as a hand-crafted basket designed and woven by you, which is both useful and artistic. Elevate the ordinary basket with various shapes, sizes, colors, and textures of your choice. Flat reed and round reed in various colors and sizes, canes, cords, fibers, and naturals will be available to you. Multiple weaving techniques and an array of materials ensures no two baskets will be alike. Absolutely no previous experience necessary. Lab fee covers use of all tools, basket scissors, lashers, packers, spray bottles, basins, towels, sponges, tape measures, clothes pins, electrical ties, crimpers, and several scarves, as well as folders including Joan's original patterns and various handouts of braiding and weaving techniques to enhance your baskets. Also included is use of different tones of basket spray to finish your basket and achieve a professional appearance.

Lab Fee: $65.00
Estimated Materials Cost: $55 per basket
Prerequisites: None

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