Steve  Bostwick

Steve Bostwick is a practicing Forensic Architect from Wyoming, Ohio who spends as much time as possible in the family jewelry studio, Cabochon Works, LLC After a pretty rock informed him that there should be more to rock hounding than just collecting, Steve taught himself to cab. Steves WH classes have included cabbing, opals, silver I, faceting, chain, and multiple casting classes. At Cabochon Works, LLC, Steve provides faceting, cabbing, and casting lessons, produces custom metal work and jewelry for sale, stone cutting and polishing to private clients and well known custom/art jewelers.

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Casting I - Steve Bostwick
This is a beginning casting class where the student will learn the basics of lost wax centrifugal casting using primarily .925 or .999 silver. Students will make an initial cast with a commercial wax master, then students are encouraged to generate custom wax masters particularly as settings for cabochons or other stones. Students will learn how to modify commercial waxes and fabricate their own designs out of wax components or dip and carve methods around a stone. Included in class fee: handouts, two commercial waxes, one initial cab, a selection of wax components for custom work, investment up to 10 lbs., finishing materials and polishes. No casting metal is included in the class fee. Fine silver or sterling silver casting grain may be purchased from the instructor or the student may provide their own labeled casting grain or known scrap. Additional waxes in a wide range of patterns, cabs and faceted stones will be made available for purchase by the instructor or the student may provide their personal stock. Media: silver, fine, sterling.

Lab Fee: $100.00
Estimated Materials Cost: $0-?
Prerequisites: Silver I

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Casting II - Steve Bostwick
The class will concentrate on various methods of introducing organic materials into the cast work. It includes use of molded waxes from Organic materials, preservation and preparation of organic materials for casting, fabrication of organic material with commercial or custom waxes. The student is encouraged to bring self collected organic materials to class for consideration. A selection of organic models will be provided. The WH grounds can be a source of organic material. After casting students will finish and polish their pieces. Class fee includes, handouts, 2 commercial waxes, a selection of wax components, as well as organic materials, simple waxes for use as components, investments up to 10 pounds, finishing materials and polishes, no casting metal is included. Fine Silver, Sterling Silver and ancient bronze casting grain may be purchased from the instructor, additional waxes in a wide range of patterns, investments, cabs, and faceted stones will be available for purchase, or bring your own.

Lab Fee: $110.00
Estimated Materials Cost: $0-$100.00
Prerequisites: Silver 1 and Casting 1

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