Shannon  Stafford

Shannon Stafford lives in Columbus, Ga. She started with a chainmail class at William Holland in 2007. After purchasing Victoria Lansford's video she became fascinated on the subject. She has since taken several classes with Victoria at the Spruill Center in Atlanta, Ga. Shannon produces large, bold and complicated pieces that make an impression.

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Silver II - Filligree - Shannon Stafford
You will learn the basic techniques of producing beautiful openwork Russian filigree jewelry. The first few exercises will teach you how to make the filigree wire from 24g fine silver wire, as well as covering frame construction and various soldering techniques. Students will be free to design their own frames or use examples of finished work provided by the instructor. Help and individual instructions will be given as needed. You will complete between two and five projects. An Optivisor is strongly recommended. Lab fee includes powder filigree solder, sheet solder, flux, polishing wheels and handouts.

Lab Fee: $100.00
Estimated Materials Cost: $70-$150
Prerequisites: Two Silver I classes, Proficiency in soldering

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