Ann  Royer

Ann is addicted to the fluid, molten nature of flameworking beads and small sculptures. She has been fortunate to have attended classes with Corina Tettinger, Astrid Reidel, Rocio Bearer, Kim Fields, Sharon Peters, and Haley Tsang among others. Ann teaches bead making at the St. Lucie Rock and Gem Club in Florida as well at the William Holland School of Lapidary Art and John C Campbell Folkschool. Her classes will include demonstrations and detailed step-by-step instruction.

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Lampwork Beads I - Ann Royer
Beginning class will include information about studio setup with emphasis on safety, proper use of torches and annealing procedures. Oxygen/Propane torches will be used. Students will explore the magic of playing with hot glass! First, we will focus on forming beads into basic shapes, making and applying surface decorations such as dots, stringers, cased stringers and simple cane. Then students will explore enamels, metallic leaf, frits, poked and stacked dots, gravity effects and learn to make simple flowers and a fish and/or frog bead. Students will also learn the use of many tools, and begin to learn encasing techniques. The class fee covers enough glass and materials to make beads for the week of class for some students, while others may want extra colors. Additional glass and tools will be available for purchase. A kit is supplied for student use that contains dydmium glasses and basic tools. An optivisor, clip on magnifiers or similar vision enhancement is recommended and samples will be available to try. Cotton clothing or heavy cotton or light leather apron are recommended while close toed shoes are required. This class would be recommended to those with no experience or those who have previously made beads but not practiced recently. Email questions to or call 828-400-6111.

Lab Fee: $75.00
Estimated Materials Cost: $0-$60.00
Prerequisites: None

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Lampwork Beads II - Ann Royer
This Intermediate Class is intended for those with previous flame-work experience. After a review of bead basics. You will create beads and sculptures using more difficult techniques. The interests of the class members will determine which of the many techniques will be taught in each class. Some techniques to choose from: sculpture flowers various encasing techniques large hollow beads small sculptures vessels off-mandrel pieces buttons and ring tops. A kit is supplied for student use that contains didymium glasses and basic tools, but you are encouraged to bring your own favorite tools. An OptiVISOR, clip-on magnifier, or similar vision enhancement is recommended. The class fee of $90.00 for glass and other supplies. More glass will be on hand for purchase. Students may bring their own glass as well. E-mail questions to

Prerequisite: Prior Lampwork experience. If you question whether you belong in this class, please email the instructor with your background.

Lab Fee: $90.00
Estimated Materials Cost: $0+
Prerequisites: Prior lampwork experience contact instructor

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