Paul  Roberts

Paul has been an enthusiastic lapidary for over 20 years and is eager to share his passion with both beginning cabbers and more experienced folk. Due to other obligations Paul has cut his teaching schedule drastically to only two classes for the 2018 season.

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Cabochons I.5 - Paul Roberts
Although in this class I introduce fancy shapes and composite cabochons (simple intarsia), no previous cabbing experience is required or expected. We start by introducing the basic machines to be used: trim saw, cabbing machine (Genie or Cab King), using standard template shapes to achieve spectacular domed cabochons with the vertical dies preferred by most craft folks for wire wrap or inlay setting. We then move on to fancier shapes (flat tops, inside curves, straight sides, and doublets). We will create calibrated stones using the “Cab Rest” and softer materials (such as marble and turquoise). Students will learn to determine the shape of the pre-formed stone depending on the pattern of the slab. Attention will be given to safety, the use and care of machines and special characteristics of different cutting materials. Emphasis will be on quality, not quantity; thus, the number of finished cabochons an individual student may produce is expected to vary widely. Instructions will be given at the beginning of each day or work session, but the instructor will also work with individuals as needed. Basic class fee includes a kit including several slabs, an original manual of instruction, and other material for the class. Additional materials will be available for purchase at nominal prices. Students may bring their own (no rough to be slabbed). Come prepared to discover some of Earth’s hidden beauty and to have a mountain of fun.

Lab Fee: $35.00
Estimated Materials Cost: $0 to $100
Prerequisites: None

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