Vaughn  Millner

All life is an experiment. The more experiments you make the better." (Ralph Waldo Emerson) Vaughn Millner is an Alabama gulf coast jewelry artist/metalsmith, and instructor who works primarily in metal fabrication. As a former college professor, counselor educator, and therapist, she applies her love of both teaching and wellness to jewelry instruction. She values the creative process and the serenity and vibrancy it brings to life. Drawing her inspiration from nature, her work often incorporates curves and dimension. She seeks to create wearable art jewelry using both ancient and new metalsmithing techniques. Self-taught, Vaughn has also trained with master jewelers. Vaughn works primarily with sterling, fine silver, gold, and mixed metals. Her palette is inspired by precious and semi-precious gems and stones such as sapphires, rubies, amethysts, jade, moonstones, lapis, opals, sunstones, and garnets. Samples of her work can be viewed at Vaughn is a member of the Society of North American Goldsmiths, the Florida Society of Goldsmiths, and the Metal Arts Guild of Georgia.


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Silver I.5 - Vaughn Millner
Silver 1.5: Hydraulic press forming, fold forming, texturing, and finishing techniques - Vaughn Millner. This course is designed for those who have some experience with silver but are not yet ready for Silver II. Emphasis in this class will be on the hydraulic press, fold forming, and texturing silver. From demonstrations, detailed written instructions and personal attention, students will strengthen their skills in jewelry design, forming, texturing, soldering, filing, and polishing/finishing. In addition, students will practice depletion gilding, bezel making and stone setting. Participants will explore jewelry design while learning safety techniques, tool use, fabrication, and surface applications through at least three step-by-step instructor-led projects. The lab fee includes solder, flux, saw blades, finishing wheels, and handouts. Tools are provided, but students may bring their own tools. For the selected projects, a kit will be prepared that includes all needed metals. The cost of the kit will be determined by current market prices. Students, however, may bring their own flat and round/oval shaped gemstones or purchase them from instructors. OptiVISORs and safety glasses are suggested. Close-toed shoes are required.

Lab Fee: $100.00
Estimated Materials Cost: $300-$350
Consumables Fee: $0.00
Prerequisites: Some experience working with Silver

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