Dave  McGregor

Dave McGregor is an engineer by trade.  He enjoyed "gem hunting" for many years and took his first faceting class at the North Carolina State University craft center.  He then took additional faceting classes at Wild Acres and William Holland.  He purchased an Ultra Tec faceting machine and has faceted numerous varieties of stone designs.  He is a member of the US Faceters Guild and hopes to encourage others to learn about faceting.

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Faceting I - Dave McGregor
This class is designed for the beginner but will be enjoyable to those who have faceted before. Instruction will be based on the book written by Tom Mitchell. We will cover the basics of meet-point faceting, faceting machine operation, lap selection and care, stone selection, dopping, and polishing, along with a discussion of how faceting angles are selected. The class will also include a brief introduction to the computer programs, GemCad and GemRay. Faceting machines are provided for use by William Holland but nothing harder than quartz, a 7 on the Mohs hardness scale, may be cut using the school’s laps. Students may bring their own machine and laps. Students are strongly encouraged to bring an OptiVISOR or equivalent magnification device. The class fee covers Tom’s book, sample faceting diagrams, a piece of faceting rough and an Ultra-Lap for polishing. Additional rough will be available for purchase. Each Student should be able to complete 2 stones during class. This is expected to be a week of fun creating a beautiful gem and a springboard for continuing your adventures in faceting.

Lab Fee: $55.00
Estimated Materials Cost: $0+
Consumables Fee: $15.00
Prerequisites: None

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