Jerry  Mason

After retiring from Lucent Technologies, Jerry began his rock hound life in earnest. He began taking classes at William Holland in 1999 and continues today upgrading his skills in stone cutting (faceting, intarsia, cabbing. Jerry began teaching at William Holland in 2003 making the 2018 season his 16th year. Jerry has also taught for the SFMS and teaches privately in his workshop, for several gem and mineral clubs, and any interested group. Jerry and his wife travel doing juried shows each year in the Carolinas and Georgia. He is a member of The Southern Appalachian Artists Guild, Blue Ridge Artists Association, and is an active member of the Franklin North Carolina Gem and Mineral Society. Jerry believes that any time you cut you should be trying to achieve quality and not quantity. Contact 706-379-1718 or

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Cabochons I - Jerry Mason
Students can expect to obtain instruction in the art and technique of selecting a rough slab, orienting, marking, cutting, and polishing to obtain the best potential of the stone. Finished cabochons are used for jewelry making or for display pieces. Students will learn the care, use, cleaning, and maintenance of the equipment. Complete and detailed cleaning of the classroom at weeks end will be performed by following established guidelines posted in the classroom area. Once skill and knowledge is demonstrated by cutting ability of calibrated stones, free forms will be discussed and implemented only at the instructor's discretion. NO student will begin with free forms. THIS IS A BEGINNING CLASS. Students taking the class solely for cutting time, and/or to just obtain machine use will strictly follow beginner protocol. Each student will respect and follow these guidelines. Students must bring an Optivisor. Masks and aprons are furnished. Students are asked to bring no more than six (6) slabs of their own and must be of an appropriate thickness for cabbing (6-8mm). Questions about class or supplies should be addressed to the instructor. Cabochons I is about quality and not quantity. Fee includes a step by step instruction booklet and the first preform.

Lab Fee: $25.00
Estimated Materials Cost: $0-$100
Prerequisites: None

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