Steve  Adams

Steve is a retired Air Force officer and former systems analyst. He began cabbing in 2005. He is also a rookie opal cutter. Steve learned cabbing so his wife Gloria could use his cabochons in her wire wrap jewelry. As he learned, his passion developed, and he discovered it was both relaxing and fun. Steve is a member of the Alabama Mineral and Lapidary Society and the Alabama Designer Craftsmen. His cabochons can be seen online at:


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Cabochons I - Steve Adams
Students will learn the basics of cutting cabochons including selecting rough, using the trim saw, shaping and polishing. We will also cover how to find scratches in cabochons and how to eliminate flat spots; skills necessary for quality cabochon production. Equipment safety and learning, types of cabochons edges, techniques for creating domes, and cleaning up will also be included (all students are expected to help clean the room at week’s end). “Additional credit” may be earned for finding something good to cut in the throwaway bin. Everyone will be required to start with calibrated cabochons and may move to freeform once they have grasped the basics and feel comfortable. Students with prior experience may progress at an advanced pace but must still be attentive during all lectures and demonstrations. Advanced techniques such as freeform cuts, symmetrical cabochons, doublets, cabochon repairs and other topics will be discussed depending on student progress. Neither crosses nor hearts will be cut in this class. Lab fee includes pre-forms and printed materials provided by the instructor. Students are encouraged to bring slabs to use in class. Slabs will be available for purchase from the instructor for $1.00 and up; total cost depends on productivity. Do not bring rough of any size to class; students will not have access to a slabbing saw during class.

Lab Fee: $20.00
Estimated Materials Cost: $5-$25
Consumables Fee: $15.00
Prerequisites: None

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