Case  Leeser

Case is a self-employed jewelry designer and licensed jeweler living in northeast Missouri. She has been designing and creating one of a kind pieces for many years, having studied fine arts at Morningside College, Maryville University, Quincy University and Culver Stockton College. She received her Bench Jeweler and Diamond Setting Degree from Gem City College School of Horology and Jewelry Sciences. She shows and sells her work from her store and in several galleries. Case is also an avid Chain Mailler and spends hours chasing those tiny little rings. Case enjoys passing on her knowledge and has been teaching at William Holland School since 2005. She is a member of Midwest Metalsmiths, Southeast Gem & Mineralogical Society and one of the founding members of the Palmyra Area Arts League. A retired private School Librarian and Culver-Stockton College Archivist, Case lives on a cattle ranch with her husband John, several cats, horses and one very large dog.

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Chain I – Beginning - Case Leeser
Beginning Chain is a class set up for the true beginning chain student. The student will learn the basic weaves and the steps necessary to make the work look professionally built. Work will be done with pre-cut sterling silver rings. Students will advance through a series of weaves, completing four or more pieces, depending on their speed and agility.  The lab fee includes a workbook with patterns, reference sources and various useful charts to help continue weaving. Additional kits for projects as well as clasps, findings, and other embellishments are available for purchase from the instructor. Estimated materials cost depends on the choices and number of projects chosen, as well as the price of silver. Please bring an Optivisor or something similar, and two pairs of chain nose pliers to class. 

Lab Fee: $45.00
Estimated Materials Cost: $200-$250
Prerequisites: None

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Chain II – Intermediate - Case Leeser
This class will use pre-cut and prepared sterling rings to make some of the more complex maille weaves. Students typically complete four or more chains during the week depending on their dexterity and patterns chosen. At least one beginning chain class and an ongoing participation in the making of chains are prerequisites for this class. The emphasis will be on completing some of the more intricate patterns as well as adding some unique touches to some favorite weaves, making them “your own.” Please bring an Optivisor (or something similar), two pair of chain nose pliers and any other tools the student prefers to use for chain making. Tools are also available from the instructor as well as the William Holland store. The class fee will include a workbook with patterns, instructions, charts and references. Various clasps and toggles will be available for purchase from the instructor. The expenses above the lab fee will depend on the additional stones, clasps, silver and beads purchased. Look forward to a fun and challenging week.

Lab Fee: $40.00
Estimated Materials Cost: $200
Prerequisites: A beginning chain class and ongoing chaining experience

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Silver III – Filigree - Case Leeser
Designed for the advanced silverwork student, this class is an intense soldering experience for those who love the delicate yet complex beauty of filigree. We will discuss filigree wire construction, frameworks, filling techniques, standard shapes and design. Students will complete one selected closed frame pendant and a non-framed project. These will illustrate the basic shapes and soldering techniques for making fine filigree. The students then will be guided to create designs of their own with help as needed from the instructor. Materials for the first two projects are included in the class fee as well as a workbook full of patterns and ideas for successful filigree work with lots of tips and techniques. Materials for the remainder of the week will be available from the instructor including silver, stone mountings, stones, cabochons, clasps, findings and chains. The students typically complete five or more pieces during the week. Please bring round-nose and chain nose pliers, an Optivisor or something similar.

Lab Fee: $100.00
Estimated Materials Cost: $100-$150
Prerequisites: Silver I and Silver II (or equivalent) and proficiency in soldering.

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