Alma  Lambert

Alma is a native of Asheville, NC. She has been weaving baskets since 1987, and designing them since 1995. She specializes in twill and eclectic designs that showcase color and weave variation. She has designed and written patterns for more than one hundred baskets. She has taught at the North Carolina Basketweavers Association and Indiana Conventions. She has taught all levels of basket weaving at Asheville-Buncombe Technical Community College, Bevard College, Greenville Hospital Craft Program and Arrowmont Craft School. Currently, she is holding private classes in her own studio. She served on the MCBA Board as editor of The Readers' Report for fourteen years. In 1998, she was convention coordinator. She has been the president of the Blue Ridge Basketmakers since 1996. Alma is past president of the North Carolina Basketweavers Association, which has over one thousand members. In 1996, Alma studied basket weaving with Lyn Siler, who has written and published many basketry books. Her greatest pleasure is sharing her knowledge of basketry.

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Basketry I - Alma Lambert
Baskets made this session will be a cathead basket, a market basket, a teacup basket and a napkin basket. The cathead basket starts out with a square base and ends up round at the top. Turned upside down, it resembles the head of a cat. It is a purely decorative basket. The market basket carries casseroles and other treasurers. The teacup basket is for tea bag storage and is a giant teacup. The napkin basket is decorated in overlays and will be made last so you can incorporate new techniques learned during the week. Shaping, twining and other techniques tips and tricks will be taught. All tools will be furnished. Lab fee covers all materials needed for the class and a twenty-page booklet of weaving techniques.

Lab Fee: $175.00
Estimated Materials Cost: $0-+
Prerequisites: None

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