Vivian  King

Vivian was born and raised in Florida. After retirement, she and her husband moved to Blairsville, Georgia. While taking art classes she was introduced to gourd art, and immediately caught Gourd Fever. She began 6 years ago teaching classes in her gourd room after learning how much interest there was in gourd art. Her favorite saying is You dont make a mistake in gourd art, you make an opportunity.

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Art Gourds I - Vivian King
In Art Gourds you will be making three gourds. You will be making a thunder gourd that will sound like thunder when you shake it. A fall leaf bowl or vase. You will have a choice of tracing leaves or using skeleton leaves. Also your choice of a pumpkin face or a Christmas pattern. You will be using Acrylic paints, ink dyes, wood burner and a dremel tool with a Saburr Tooth burr. You will be learning new techniques and having fun!

Lab Fee: $100.00
Estimated Materials Cost: $0
Prerequisites: None

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