Jack  King

Jack lives in Cornelius NC. Since the age of twelve, Jack has been a rockhound, spending every available weekend climbing the hills around Spruce Pine and Franklin, NC. His dad made his first tumbler out of a fifty-five gallon steel drum. His first gem-cutting machine was a B&I Gem Maker from Sears. Jack has attended classes at Wildacres and William Holland, and has been a private student of Sarah Lee Boyce for years. Although his primary passion is cutting picture jaspers, stones with inclusions and druzy stones, he loves cutting any material into cabochons. He prefers to cut freeform stones that his wife, Katy, wire wraps. Jack started teaching for William Holland in 2008.

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Cabochons I - Jack King
Students will cut a variety of materials using standard calibrated shapes or free forms. In the process, you will learn proper techniques and proven procedures, as well as cleanliness, ensuring that each step is finished to its best and that you produce a high quality, no-compromise cabochon you will be proud of. This is a no-pressure, fun week working at your own skill level and speed, with as much individual guidance as needed. Reviews will be made each day so that everyone can ask questions and make comments on the day’s progress. Different levels of material will be available for purchase, or you may bring you own. Each student must agree to, and abide by, one condition: at the end of each workday, you are responsible for cleaning your own machine and work area. In addition, clean the classroom so that the next class will be greeted with a welcoming environment. If you have never cut before, do not worry, you will. If you have experience, we will look for areas of improvement so you can produce stones that are even more beautiful. Let’s have fun, stones that are even more beautiful. Let’s have a fun-sharing week with rocks. Lab fee includes beginning slabs, as well as diamond sprays for polishing and special epoxy used in class.

Lab Fee: $25.00
Estimated Materials Cost: $0+
Prerequisites: None

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