Jack  King

Jack lives in Cornelius NC. Since the age of twelve, Jack has been a rockhound, spending every available weekend climbing the hills around Spruce Pine and Franklin, NC. His dad made his first tumbler out of a fifty-five gallon steel drum. His first gem-cutting machine was a B&I Gem Maker from Sears. Jack has attended classes at Wildacres and William Holland, and has been a private student of Sarah Lee Boyce for years. Although his primary passion is cutting picture jaspers, stones with inclusions and druzy stones, he loves cutting any material into cabochons. He prefers to cut freeform stones that his wife, Katy, wire wraps. Jack started teaching for William Holland in 2008.

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Cabochons I - Jack King
Want to learn how to cut and polish cabochons and have a fun week? Worried that it is too hard for you? Don’t worry, you will be surprised before you are half way thru the week. Maybe you have made cabochons for years but want your stones to have a better polish. We take our stones to 100,000 polish and the results are amazing. In our class, you will learn how to let the stone be what it wants to be. You will learn a bit of the lore and history of certain gemstones. You will learn proven steps and the importance of keeping a clean workplace in order to produce the best possible stones. And with all this, I want all students to have a most enjoyable week of fellowship with fellow classmates. Many first-time students have produced stones far beyond level one classes at the end of the week. We spend a lot of time creating special custom shaped stones using the template set that I designed. Students who have returned for my same class several times tell me that each time they broaden their knowledge of stones and how to take their work to the next level. Again, if you have never touched a stone to a wheel, DO NOT WORRY.  I am very patient, and you will produce the most beautiful stones. 

Lab Fee: $25.00
Estimated Materials Cost: $0+
Consumables Fee: $15.00
Prerequisites: None

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