Patricia  Hart

Being a self-taught fiber & clay artist in the 80s inspired me to study painting, sculpting, design, and color theory at SLU. Now, a retired Talented Arts Teacher, I have returned to my roots as an artist focusing on metals and glass (enamel). Enameling allows me to apply color to metal. Its a beautiful, colorful, unique and expressive art form.

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Enameling I - Patricia Hart
This class includes discussions, demonstrations, and experiences with enamel studio basics, safety, use of the kiln, selection and preparation of metals, safe use of enamel powders and other materials, troubleshooting and good record keeping. We will be using the elements and principles of design relative to the creation of wearable art/jewelry. My teaching approach is to expose you to various techniques through samples & demonstrations then allow you to choose what you would like to do. Techniques included are: sgraffito, copper and fine silver wire as design elements, simple wire Cloisonné, drawing, painting, stenciling and crackle enamel.

Lab Fee: $110.00
Estimated Materials Cost: $10+
Prerequisites: None

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Enameling II - Patricia Hart
This class is your opportunity to practice and further develop your skills and learn to combine techniques taught in Enameling 1 Plus. New techniques covered will be traditional Cloisonné, using transparent enamels and fine silver foil; basse-taille using the rolling mill and chasing/texturing tools; and enameling simple sawed shapes and folded forms, which you create in class. As usual, you will have the choice to apply any or all of these more advanced techniques. You will also learn to attach bails to your work before enameling by soldering fine silver or copper wire using a butane torch.

Lab Fee: $120.00
Estimated Materials Cost: $0-$10
Prerequisites: Enameling 1 Plus or an Enameling Basic class.

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