Barbara  Fields

I began my adventure in Silversmithing in 2005, in Nashville, TN. Thanks to Mid-Tennessee Gem & Mineral Society. They offer classes in stone cutting, cabochons, and Silver Smithing. I started with a Lapidary Class and quickly moved into the Silver Jewelry Class. After I advanced in skills, and the demand had increased, I was asked to be an instructor. I have taken Silver Fabrication with several instructors at William Holland through the years, and have dabbled in several other aspects in the Jewelry Arts, as well as other artistic pursuits. My classes are structured for the beginning student, and for building their skills to pursue their endeavors after the class has ended. I prefer keeping everyone on the same projects, so we can learn from each others experience, until they are confident enough to work independently on their own projects. Students typically make five or more finished pieces and can expect to spend $150 to $300 or more, depending on materials used in class or purchased to take home to continue their journey into the world of silversmithing.

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Silver I - Barbara Fields
Basic safety, and proper use of the tools and torch, will be covered on Sunday evening. We will then start with a bracelet on Monday that will be finished by lunch. Projects include: a closed back and an open back pendant, and a ring. After being able to conquer the basics, we can move on to some of my other projects, or work on the student’s own ideas. If you have your own cabochons, go ahead and bring them. The school supplies all the required tools, and I supply a variety of other items that will help make the class a success. I will have a variety of silver materials that should accommodate our projects for the week, and an assortment of cabochons for my students to buy if needed. Stones will be priced according to the type of material and the size, and silver will be based on the current market price and type of material. Total costs will depend on materials used in class or purchased for home use. There is a $75 fee that covers all the expendable items, (solder, flux, saw blades as well as the printed materials) along with a kit containing a solder pick, paint brushes for flux, wet/dry sandpaper, and other items for the student to keep.

Lab Fee: $75.00
Estimated Materials Cost: $0+
Consumables Fee: $0.00
Prerequisites: None

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