Marji  Ferrell

Marji began artistic life as an art major in college, but decided that being a starving artist was not such a good idea, so she returned to college and became a nurse. She never gave up on her love of art, however, and began taking stained glass lessons in the 1970s. Shortly after, she started taking jewelry lessons and was hooked. After moving to Florida, Marji opened a stained glass studio in Sarasota and in her spare time continued taking jewelry classes. In 2003, Marji and her husband relocated to Murphy, NC- just miles from William Holland. Now retired, Marji devotes herself to the design and fabrication of custom jewelry and passing a long her knowledge to others.

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Silver I - Marji Ferrell
Let Marji start you on your journey into the wonderful world of metalsmithing. During your week together, she will introduce you to safety in the studio and help you get to know the tools, learn how to saw metal, use a torch, solder, fabricate and bring to fruition a piece of jewelry that you have designed. This class is ideal for those with little experience, or those who have been away from the bench for a while and want to rekindle the creative fire. Three projects will be completed to reinforce basic silver technique; subsequent projects will depend on your ability and time. Individual creativity will be encouraged. Lab fee includes a cabochon for the first project, educational materials, saw blades, solder and other expendable materials. Silver and cabochons will be available for purchase at market value. If you have your own tools, silver, or stones, you may bring them with you an Optivisor is invaluable and strongly recommended.

Lab Fee: $65.00
Estimated Materials Cost: $100-$200
Prerequisites: None

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Silver II – Setting Unusual Shaped Stones - Marji Ferrell
Margi will challenge you to expand your stone setting skills by learning to design, fabricate and set large or unusually shaped stones. We will explore techniques such as bezel sculpting, tab setting, basket setting and fabricated prong setting. Students should have good fabrication skills. You are invited to bring you own tools, stones, and silver; these items will also be available from the instructor. An Optivisor and closed-toe shoes are a must. Lab fee includes a stone for the first project and consumable materials such as solder, chemicals, saw blades, etc. Please bring your enthusiasm and join us for a fun filled week of jewelry making.

Lab Fee: $100.00
Estimated Materials Cost: $100-$200
Prerequisites: Silver I & II Classes

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Silver III – Southwest Jewelry - Marji Ferrell
Let's travel together to the Southwest to learn both traditional and contemporary Indian style jewelry making. Students will learn multiple techniques employed by American Indian craftsmen including overlay, stamping, creation of embellishments, use of shot plates, taps and dies, the types of stones used and piercing. Individual creativity is encouraged. I will have reference books and magazines available to inspire your designs and I'm always there to help. Cabochons and silver will be available for purchase. If you have your own tools, stones or silver you may bring them with you, an Optivisor is invaluable and strongly recommended. Lab fee covers solder, a cabochon and silver for the first project, saw blades, educational materials and other expendables.

Lab Fee: $150.00
Estimated Materials Cost: $200-$300
Prerequisites: Silver I & Silver II

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