Joe & Diane  De Pietro

Joe De Pietro has been teaching at William Holland since 1992. Joes first love was Opal Cutting and when Roger Hughes retired he taught the Opal class and had 2 classes that combined Opals and Casting. During the schools early years he taught as many as 15 weeks. Once he taught 2 classes, Opal and Cabochons, at the same time! Joe taught his daughter Diane casting and has been his assistant for 3 years both at home and at the School. The next year he will assist Diane and then retire.

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Casting I - Joe & Diane De Pietro
Joe teaches both centrifugal and vacuum casting methods. He will have pre-made waxes to purchase and waxes to make your own pieces to cast. Wax models will be made from pre-made molds, although flat mold making will be covered as well. Cast pieces will be finished and polished during class. Lab fee covers a handout, waxes, beginning wax item. All investments and polishes. Fine silver and sterling will be available for purchase. If you want to use gold, you must bring it. Joe can be reached at:

Lab Fee: $105.00
Estimated Materials Cost: $0+
Prerequisites: None

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