Addy  De Pietro

Addy has been teaching at William Holland since 1991 while owning a full service lapidary rock shop that specialized in beading materials, stained glass, lapidary supplies and machines. Addy and her husband, Joe, won the AFMS national Each One Teach One award in 1989 when they were workshop directors for their local Gem and Mineral Club. She is a retired special education teacher who has been beading since 1973 and fusing glass since 1992, when she began making accent piece for her beading projects. She introduced the first Glass Fusing classes at William Holland in 1997. She has taught classes at her Rock Shop in Avon Park, FL and her clubs workshop since 1988 and for the SFMS at William Holland and Wildacres since 1995. Addy has her GIA certification in Pearl and Bead Design.

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Glass Fusing I - Addy De Pietro
This Class is useful to the beginner and the intermediate student. We will cover the simple rules of glass coefficients as well as the use of different types of glass such as frits, stringers, noodles and confetti. We will thoroughly discuss the different kilns and kiln temperatures used for all projects. We will begin with basic fusing, Addy Opals, windows, decals, millefiori earrings and etching, ending up with embossing and hot manipulation (raking). You will use copper and fine silver to make bails and nichrome wire. You will make channels in the jewelry nuggets for chains or leather. Each step will be covered using premade kits designed to build confidence in firing and producing jewelry quality pieces through a step-by-step process. Lab fee includes shelf paper, frits, confetti noodles, stringers, bail making and etching materials, copper foils, decal pieces, stamped millefiori for earrings and a base for a raked piece, as well as a kit with materials to make three Addy opals, three windows and a bag of glass pieces to make the first shelf of nuggets. Addy will have a huge variety of dichroic glass as well, for you to purchase for additional projects or to bring home. You can reach her at

Lab Fee: $105.00
Estimated Materials Cost: $0+
Prerequisites: None

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