Debra  Cobia

"Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication." Leonardo da Vinci. As a jewelry artist, I use traditional metalsmithing techniques to create wearable art. My work is characterized by clean, uncluttered lines and enhanced by with the use of texture and color. I live in Carrollton, Georgia where I am a member of the Carrollton Artists Guild and the Georgia Goldsmiths Group. Samples of my work may be seen at

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Silver 1.5 - Debra Cobia
with Vaughn Millner Assisting Instructor. Silver 1.5 has been designed specifically for those students who have some experience with silver jewelry design and fabrication but do not feel ready for some of the specialty or advanced courses. Each of the courses will include three projects that are intended to develop proficiency in one or more specialized techniques. While working on the projects, emphasis will also be placed on the development of design plans and their execution, accurate and predictable solder joins, fabrication and finishing techniques (i.e. stone setting, bezel building, adding texture, cleaning and polishing), and an introduction to a variety of specialty tools and their uses.
The emphasis for this particular Silver 1.5 class will be on the use of hollow forms in jewelry design. The basic procedures for making a hollow form are generalizable to many jewelry applications. Lockets, lentil clasps, box clasps, large and small beads, and focal components for pendants, bracelets, earrings, etc. are some of their more common uses. The variations are endless and limited only by your imagination and choice of materials. In this class, Forms will be made with and without the use of a hydraulic press. The projects will include a ring, locket/pendant, and a clasp all made using hollow forms in the design. Please note that within the guidelines for each project we emphasize designs that reflect your personal design style.
The lab fee includes consumables such as solder, flux, saw blades, handouts, finishing materials, etc., as well as the use of some specialized tools belonging to the instructors. Basic tools are provided, however students will find a miter jig, tube cutting jig, and sharp sheers (such as Joyce Chen originals) very helpful, so if you have these items please bring them and other personal tools that you prefer. Instructors will provide all materials needed to complete the class projects. The cost of the project kits will be determined by current market prices, not to exceed a total of $250. If you have stones that you would like to incorporate, please feel free to bring them. Close-toed shoes and leg coverings (jeans) are required in the studio. Remember to bring your magnifying devices, safety glasses, and enthusiasm with you!

Lab Fee: $100.00
Estimated Materials Cost: $200.00-$250.00
Prerequisites: Some experience working with silver

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