Christiana  Taglepietra

A lifelong passion for Fine Arts and Fine Crafts brought Christine to William Holland, first as a student and for the past few years as an instructor. Producing a variety of crafts, such as Pottery, knitting and sewing, leather and batik, enameling, and in particular, cloisonn, her favorite. For some years now she has introduced her students to the various techniques of enameling and she hopes to continue to share her passion.

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Enameling I - Christiana Taglepietra
Come and discover how exciting enameling can be. No specials skills are necessary, but a good sense of color helps. This is a busy class because we will try to cover as many different techniques as time allows. Students signing up for two consecutive weeks will get the attention required to advance in their favored technique. Lab fee will provide each student with enough materials to do at least five projects, and additional materials will be available for purchase. Please pay the lab fee and anything you purchase either in cash or by check.

Lab Fee: $85.00
Estimated Materials Cost: $0-$30
Prerequisites: None

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Enameling II - Christiana Taglepietra
This class covers techniques beyond the basics. It is mainly dedicated to Cloisonne and Champleve- two quite labor intensive procedures. If requested other techniques such as Basse Taille, Mosaic, Sgraffito, 3-D and Graphite maybe explored. Cloisonne will be done with transparent enamels on copper which has been overlaid with Fine Silver Foil. This will be an opportunity to expand the knowledge of transparent enamels, their individual properties and best use. For the Champleve technique we deep-etch heavy gauge copper and fill the cavities with opaque enamels. Again, a deeper knowledge of opaque enamels and design challenges will be addressed. The lab fee covers everything needed to complete 5 projects-additional materials may be purchased. Please pay the lab fee and eventual purchases either in cash or by check.

Lab Fee: $120.00
Estimated Materials Cost: $0-$50
Prerequisites: Basic knowledge and some practical experience using enameling procedures

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