Chuck  Bruce

With a background in interior design and fashion merchandising, Chuck turned his passion to jewelry. He is faculty at various schools across the county, a regional artist for 16 years and is knowledgeable in cabochons, advanced chain making, chasing & repousse, cold connections, design, fold forming, gold, granulation, lost wax casting, opals, inlay, intarsia, silver I & II, spool knitting and steel tools. If you have any additional questions please visit or email at

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Chain II – Advanced Loop in Loop Chain - Chuck Bruce
In this class, students will learn how to coil, form, cut and fuse/solder fine or sterling silver rings, to make loops, then form and weave the loops to make simple and complex chains.   We will explore 4 different patterns: Roman Fold-over, Single Fold-over (Foxtail), Double Fold-over (Foxtail) and Sailors knot. Students should be able finish a bracelet and pair of earrings in each pattern. (These ancient beautiful designs are quite different from chain maille).  There should also be time for additional projects or necklace versions of these chain are welcome to bring them.   Lab fee includes: (fine or Sterling silver material, findings for closures and earrings) for the chains covered, a fusing block, scribe for manipulating the rings, wooden draw plate, beads for earrings and storage bags for unused rings.  This fee also covers paste solder used in class.  If you mess up, hand back to me and get new, makes learning a lot easier (without fear).  Kits will also contain enough material to make 1 or 2 pair of earrings.  Other kits will be available for sale such as necklace versions in each, and other chain styles with kits.

Lab Fee: $150.00
Estimated Materials Cost: $100-300
Prerequisites: Silver I skills helpful, but not mandatory.

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Silver II – Inlay I (Beginning) - Chuck Bruce
Cabochons (Calibration & Shapes) - not needed if using wood only

Lab Fee: $195.00
Estimated Materials Cost: $100-$300
Prerequisites: Cabochons (Calibration & Shapes) - not needed if using wood only

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Silver III – Inlay II (Advanced) - Chuck Bruce
Silver I, Silver II, Inlay I and Cabochons (Calibration & Shapes) - not needed if using wood only

Lab Fee: $195.00
Estimated Materials Cost: $100-$300
Prerequisites: Lab Fee…………………..……………….……$195

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Silver Inlay I & II - Chuck Bruce
Silver II - Inlay 1 & Silver III Inlay 2 (Beginning & Advance - make up week) 9/20 - construct an
inlay box pendant (project 1), a box ring (project 2) for Beginners. Construct an Inlayed bail & inlay
pendant (project 1) with piercing or raised rocksand for Advance. Student choice after, usually an inlay
cuff. Students can bring basic silver tools, pocketknife or scribe, will have most tools needed. Students
need to bring or purchase 2-3 slabs of rock that are similar hardness and can be combined for inlay.
Pattern stones do very well with plain colored stone. Expect waste rock. Students can also inlay with
wood, fossil ivory, bone, Fordite.
Lab Fee: $195.00 Includes Sterling Silver for Project 1 & 2, all banding silver, pripps flux, silver hard
wire solder, saw blades, glues for inlay, stabilizer glues, dusk masks, 3M and black craytec wheels on
dremel points, green scrubby, pencil and disposable goods. Does include some banding stones and wood.
Estimate Material Cost: lab fee includes 1st 2 projects, other materials plan on $100 to $300 depending
on projects chosen.
Prerequisites: Cabochons (Calibration and Shapes) on 10/20 not needed if using wood, Silver I

Lab Fee: $195.00
Estimated Materials Cost: $100 to $300
Prerequisites: Silver I Cabs I

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