Nancy  Brickner

Nancy learned her love of art from her parents. Her Mom and Dad loved the time they spent learning, and teaching at William Holland as well as other venues. Learning from, and teaching with, her Dad provided her the skills to teach the basics of chaining, how to use tools, and how to read and adapt chain designs. Nancy has been attending William Holland since 2000, taking classes in silversmithing, wire wrap, and even basketry. Nancy has taken many classes with Midwest Metalsmiths as well as teaching a chaining workshop for them. She has been a member since 2000. As a juried member since 2001 of Best of Missouri Hands, has displayed her art across the state including many years as a demonstrating artist at Silver Dollar Citys Fall Cowboy and Harvest festival in Branson, MO

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Chain III - Fused Chain - Nancy Brickner
Fused chains are made by using a Butane torch to fuse links closed. The links will then be forged, shaped, and woven into chain patterns. This class will give you the chance to see how different silvers work. We will use mostly Fine Silver, a little bit of Sterling Silver, and you will have a chain that you can use Argentium Silver. This class will give you the chance to see how different silvers work. You will learn to coil, cut and fuse links. It does help to have done some chaining before you take this class, but you can take it without previous chaining experience. Using a Butane torch makes this a great class to get comfortable using a torch and learning the flash point of the silvers. This will help build confidence when you take other Silver Classes. I will provide all tools needed for this class, but if you have a butane torch that you like to use, bring it. If you have chain, round, or flat nose pliers, bring them. Make sure all your tools are clearly marked. You will need to bring an OptiVISOR as well. I do not provide one. Class fee includes a notebook with the patterns, a solder board, a V block and some small tools. You can expect to spend $150 - $250 or more depending on how many kits you buy. Most finish 5 chains in a week. For those repeat students, I will have new chain patterns and new necklaces as well.

Lab Fee: $40.00
Estimated Materials Cost: $150 - $250
Consumables Fee: $0.00
Prerequisites: Silver I & II

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