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Silver III - Inlay II (Advanced) - Micah Kirby and Chuck Bruce
Construct an Inlayed bail & hinged inlay pendant (project 1) with piercing or raised rocks, from that is student choice. We will explore; Raised stone sections, Back Plate Piercing with Design so Inlay shows thru, Back Plate Textured & Roller Printed, Open back with inlayed stone, Extended back plate on sides with stamped/chiseled/granulation/wire work, and Stone or Wood or Wire in Stone/Stone or Wood in Metal/Stone or Wood or Wire in Wood. Students can bring basic silver tools, pocketknife or scribe, will have most tools needed. Students need to bring rock that are similar hardness and can be combined for inlay. Expect waste rock. Students can also inlay with wood, fossil ivory, bone, Fordite.Class fee includes Sterling Silver for Project 1, all banding silver, pripps flux, silver hard wire solder, saw blades, glues for inlay, stabilizer glues, dusk masks, 3M and black craytec wheels on dremel points, green scrubby, pencil and disposable goods. Does include some banding stones and wood...other materials plan on $100 to $300 depending on projects chosen.

Lab Fee: $195.00
Estimated Materials Cost: $100 to $300
Consumables Fee: $15.00
Prerequisites: Cabochons (Calibration and Shapes), Silver I & Silver II, Inlay 1

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