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Slabs and Cabs - Larry Carby and Jerry Mason
SLABBING: This portion of the class will include the basics of selecting a piece of rough to slab and instruction on the use of the slab saw so that these pieces can then be used in the cabbing room. Students will learn how to orient the rough to the best advantage for that particular piece of stone. Instruction will be given on the cleaning, care, use of saws and lapidary equipment. Students are expected to assist with cleaning as needed after each use and a completed cleaning at weeks end. This will be accomplished with a very heavy emphasis on safety. Students time will be divided between the slab room and the cab room. Rough should be a maximum of 6x8 inches (one or two pieces only).Thunder eggs, corundum, and geodes will not be allowed in the slab room. Old clothes should be worn since ALL slabbing will be done in oil. Ear plugs, safety glasses, aprons, and masks will be provided (if necessary). If you wish to use ear muffs you must provide your own. CABBING: Students will now use their slabs on the trim saw, learn to orient the stone, mark, grind, and polish in order to get the best cabochon possible. They will also be taught how to identify scratches and flat spots and how to eliminate them. Instructions on cleaning, care, and use of lapidary equipment will be taught. This will be accomplished with a very heavy emphasis on safety. All students are responsible for daily maintenance of the equipment used and are required to provide complete and detailed cleaning of that equipment at the end of the week. Students will be creating calibrated cabochons during the first few days. As students demonstrate their progress, skill, and knowledge by the cabochons they have created, the instructor will discuss the art of free form cabochons and cabochon repair. NO student will begin this class with free forms. This class is designed for the beginning and intermediate student. Students experienced in cutting cabochons are expected to be attentive during ALL instruction and demonstrations. For this class you will need an OptiVISOR or some type of non-handheld magnifying device. Ear plugs, aprons, and masks will be provided (if necessary). If you wish to use earmuffs you must provide your own. If you have slabs of agates or jaspers that you wish to use in class please bring them. Slabs should be between 5mm and 8mm in thickness for an appropriate dome to be created. Please limit the number of slabs that you bring to no more than (4). Additional slabs will be available for purchase from the instructor. Lab fee includes first preform, printed material, towels, ear plugs, and nail brushes.

Lab Fee: $50.00
Estimated Materials Cost: $0 - $100
Consumables Fee: $15.00
Prerequisites: Desire to learn

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