A lifelong passion for Fine Arts and Fine Crafts brought Christina to William Holland, first as a student and for the past few years as an instructor. Producing a variety of crafts, such as pottery, knitting and sewing, leather and batik, enameling, and her favorite cloisonn. For some years now, she has introduced her students to the various techniques of enameling, and she hopes to continue to share her passion.

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Enameling II - Christina
If you have some experience with Enameling and you want to expand your Enameling skills, this class might just be for you! This is not a very structured class, you’ll let me know what you would like to accomplish and we’ll take it from there. We’ll offer classics like Cloisonne and Champleve, besides many other techniques like Basse-Taille, Sgraffito, Paints, Liquid Enamels, Crackle and Separation Enamels. (Did you notice that you are also learning French and Italian at the same time?) You will get a deeper understanding of the uses and individual properties of transparent, opaque, liquid and Specialty Enamels. We’ll also address aspects of design challenges and color choices, and if time allows, we will experiment with torch firing. If there is enough interest, we could make simple Copper Settings for your Creations. But foremost: we’ll have fun doing the things we love to do!

Lab Fee: $120.00
Estimated Materials Cost: $0 – $50
Consumables Fee: $0.00
Prerequisites: : Basic knowledge and some practical Enameling experience

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