Jeff  Heer

Jeff has been tying flies and fly fishing for over 45 years. He has studied fly tying under expert tiers such as Chris Helm, Lefty Kreh, Bill Skilton, Bob Clouser and more. He is a member of the Suncoast Fly Fishers Club and Fly Fishers International and has attended numerous International Fly-tying Symposiums. He enjoys tying flies to match natural hatches but is also known to experiment with unique materials to create new effects. He has fly fished in locations from Alaska to Florida and many places in between. He currently resides in Tampa with his wife, Jerri, who is also an instructor at William Holland.

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Fly Tying - Jeff Heer
This class will feature basic fly tying techniques and tools, and the use of both natural and artificial materials: Participants will learn to make many various freshwater flies and nymphs, both wet and dry varieties. Expect to create flies using feathers, fur, foam, yarn, wire, thread and more. Fly tying vises will be provided for use. Time and weather permitting, basic fly casting will be taught. Lab fee will include materials for in class patterns, basic fly-tying tools, hooks and patterns, more materials will be available for sale.

Lab Fee: $50.00
Estimated Materials Cost: $0-$50
Consumables Fee: $0.00
Prerequisites: None

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