Laura  Cox

Laura Cox has been attending WH since 2006. She practices the lapidary arts during her free time when she is not working as a nurse practitioner. She has the passion for all things rocks, silversmithing, and WH. Her favorite aspect of jewelry making is creating a piece from start to finish-from cabbing the stone to setting it in silver and/or inlay. Many of her pieces carry a southwest style. Laura is a current member of the CCGMS and previously taught cabbing for the club. She will never forget the anticipation and excitement she had the very first time she visited WH and that she still experiences on each returning trip. She is eager for you to experience the same anticipation and excitement with learning the lapidary arts here at WH.

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Silver I - Laura Cox
This class will cover the basic techniques of working with sterling and fine silver including the safety and proper use of tools, fabrications including sawing, filing, forming, hammering, stamping, and annealing, as well as soldering ( paste, wire, chip), pickling, and finishing by oxidizing, polishing, and cabochon stone setting. Techniques will be discussed and applied through projects including post earrings, pendant with bezel cabochon, soldered chain for the pendant, and a ring with a castellated bezel for cabochon. If time allows, subsequent projects will be explored based on newly learned skills from the week and students creativity and ability. If you have your own cabochons feel free to bring them. The school supplies the basic tools, but you may bring your own if you prefer. Would suggest bringing an optivisor if you have one. Lab fee includes expendables items such as flux, solder, sand paper,saw blades, printed materials, patinas, polishes, and solder brick. Cost of silver will be based on market price at time of the class. Closed-toed shoes are required.

Lab Fee: $75.00
Estimated Materials Cost: $150.00- $250.00
Prerequisites: None

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