Alfredo  Huerta

Alfredo is an Emeritus Professor of Biology, recently retired from a research and teaching position at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio. He began working in photography at the age of 15 when he built his own darkroom and established himself as an all-around photographer, selling his photographs locally. He has special expertise in generating highly detailed scientific photography, especially through the microscope and using super-closeup macro lenses to illustrate important details of natural subjects. He enjoys spending time faceting gemstones and making jewelry, blacksmithing and welding, woodworking, playing the guitar, amateur radio, and just about any other interesting hobby that might cross his path.

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Photography/Digital - Alfredo Huerta
Students of all levels will benefit from this course. The course will begin by covering topics such as camera history, camera types and important camera settings for optimizing photographic quality. After covering the basics, the course will tackle more advanced practical and useful concepts. These will include building and using a portable light box for photographing jewelry or other interesting objects, learning about image composition for nature and landscape photography and developing expertise in digital processing of images on the computer. Advanced concepts such as generating high dynamic range(HDR) images, focus stacking of images for improved depth of field, and others will also be covered in the course. Each student should bring to class a digital camera with manual controls (preferably a DSLR) and a tripod. Lastly, each student should bring a "decent" laptop (Mac or PC), preloaded with either photoshop (there is a free 7 day trial of photoshop CC available online from Or GIMP (a free digital image editing package available from

Lab Fee: $40.00
Estimated Materials Cost: $15.00 for making prints
Prerequisites: None

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