Mitzi  Boyd

Mitzi has over 35 years experience making kaleidoscopes and has taken numerous classes from well known kaleidoscope masters.

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Kaleidoscopes - Mitzi Boyd
Kaleidoscopes-Creating Magic. In this class you will learn the exterior and interior construction of a scope by making one out of PVC pipe. Second, we will use a 5x7 picture {that you bring} to make an acrylic memory scope. The end will contain crystals of birthstones or small objects that have sweet memories. Third, we will make a brass scope with a liquid filled wand at the end. Last, if time permits, we will make a small 2 ½” scope that can be made into a necklace or key chain. I use front surface mirror and magnifying lens to show the clarity of the beautiful magic you have created.  Basic knowledge of glass cutting and soldering is useful, but I will help you learn this. We will discuss differ mirror system and differ material to make high quality scopes.  Most of all we will have fun and learn a craft the whole family will love. 

Lab Fee: $100.00
Estimated Materials Cost: $0-$75
Prerequisites: None

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