Judi  Wild

Judi, always the consummate crafter and eager to learn new skills, started wire wrapping in 2007. She has attended William Holland twice a year since and sought additional classes to further refine her wire wrapping techniques. Judi has trained with some the best wire artists at William Holland including Sue Rowand, Diane Mason, and Dawn Thornton. She has also taken a number of chain and silver classes with John Fevedt, Howard Siegel, Case Leeser and Jim Richardson. Since 2008, Judi has a been teaching at local bead stores, bead shows, and all-day retreats, as well as providing numerous programs for her local bead society. She is the co-founder and past-president of the Greater Birmingham Bead Society and a member of the Alabama Mineral and Lapidary Society. Judi and her husband, John, a cabochon instructor, live in Birmingham, AL.

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Polymer Clay - Judi Wild
This class will learn clay conditioning, color mixing, shade blending, slicing, curing and cane building, as well as the use of extruders and molds to create a number of interesting and useful projects. We will learn to add inclusions to clay and to enhance with paint, glitter,chalk and embossing powder. No special skill or equipment required for this class. A sufficient supply of project clay, tissue blade, needle tool, and handouts are included in lab fee, as well as the class use of molds,cutters, extruders, ovens, and artistic enhancement supplies. Additional clay and supplies will be available for purchase. Feel free to bring your own supplies.judiwild0702@gmail.com

Lab Fee: $125.00
Estimated Materials Cost:
Prerequisites: None

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Wire I - Judi Wild
This class is specifically geared toward the new wrapping student. We will have lots of fun learning the basics of wire while creating beautiful jewelry. You will learn about tool selection and wire choice, as well as how to manipulate wire into shapes that enhance your creations. You will make earrings, bracelets, pendants, and a ring or two using wire, beads and tools. If time permits, we will do a couple of other fun wire projects. I will have project kits available, along with a selection of metal, crystal, and gemstone beads for you to enhance your jewelry items. An Optivisor is a must for this class. All hand tools will be provided. Bring an adventurous spirit and your imagination. Lab fee covers handouts and a mini kit. Project costs may vary depending on the current precious metal market.

Lab Fee: $40.00
Estimated Materials Cost: $50-$150
Prerequisites: None

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Wire II - Judi Wild
In this class, we will briefly review the basics prior to embarking on a series of increasingly more challenging projects. You will create a number of pendants, bracelets, rings and earrings as you learn to use prongs in creating pendants and rings. The fun comes when you start adding a variety of stones, beads, and glitter to your projects. We will introduce a little wire weaving and wire sculpting, as well. Bring your Optivisor and toolbox along with your adventuresome spirit. We are going to have a blast. You may bring your own supplies for the class or purchase kits for the projects selected. A supply list will be available from Judi prior to class. Lab fee covers handouts, notebook, pens, Sharpies, tape, project embellishments and practice wire. Contact Judi with questions at: judiwild0702@gmail.com

Lab Fee: $45.00
Estimated Materials Cost: $50.00 -$150.00
Prerequisites: Two Wire I classes and actively wrapping

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