Soft Soldering

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Soft Soldering - Becky Patellis
The art of translating Tiffany Style stained glass soldering into jewelry. We will be using a soldering iron instead of a torch to get similar looks. Often called “low-tech” soldering. This technique is especially good for those who do not have an appropriate place for torch work, or just don’t like working with fire. The students will use copper foil around cabochons, beads, or just make wire structures to form their individual designs. The school has soldering irons and rheostats for student use, or you may bring your own. Students will also need to bring a pair of chain nose pliers and a third hand (that they don’t care if it gets used with heat), safety glasses, assortment of cabochons and beads, wire working tools. Instructor will supply masks, patina, patina brush, polishing compound, non-latex gloves and additional assortment of wire. Lab fee includes lead-free solder, copper foil, paste flux, flux brush, sal ammoniac (cleaning block) and wire.

Lab Fee: $110.00
Estimated Materials Cost: $0+
Prerequisites: None

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