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Photography - Maggie Huber
This class is for everyone, beginners and experienced photographers alike. Students will learn different photography and lighting techniques for everything from portraiture to macro-photography; how to photograph people, jewelry and jewels; and what to do with the photographs after they are taken. Each student will leave a with a handmade light tent, a digital and printed portfolio and an understanding of how to use their photos on social media sites such as ETC, Facebook, and Instagram. This class is perfect for someone just wanting to document their creations or someone interested in marketing their wares. You will need a camera, preferably an SLR with detachable lenses, and 5 to 10 items to photograph, such as slabs, cabs, jewels and jewelry. Lab fee covers materials to make the light tent and printing costs for the portfolio.

Lab Fee: $50.00
Estimated Materials Cost: $15
Prerequisites: None

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