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Mineral Identification - Marsha Harmon
Students can expect to collect rocks and minerals in nature 4 full days, observe wonderful area museums, work a sluice mine, learn to pan gold in the stream, and learn the basics of Mineral ID as it applies to most locations. WNC specimens are not limited to and may include ruby, sapphire, smaragdite, gold, quartz, moonstone, feldspar and staurolite. Bagged lunches will be provided by the cafeteria. Occasionally with larger classes, students are asked to help with transportation and gas costs are reimbursed. Lab fee covers everything except a rock hammer, wading boots or water shoes, an old towel, entry into a museum $9 and a $10 bucket from a sluice mine.

Lab Fee: $45.00
Estimated Materials Cost: $0+
Prerequisites: You must be able to climb a hill (at a 35° incline for 150 ft.), wade across streams (up to 3 ft. deep) and get really dirty while having lots of fun!

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Mineral Identification - Scott Forward
Wondering what that rock you picked on vacation might be? Do you enjoy the thrill of finding a jewel laying on the ground? This class will start you on your journey into mineral identification. field trips and encourage hands-on experiences to help you identify your finds. Be sure to bring old clothes, shoes and boots for outings. The only other items you will want to bring with you are a rock hammer, sharp eye and your enthusiasm. Lab fee covers travel expenses, handouts, miscellaneous supplies, color copies, tools and a notebook.

Lab Fee: $100.00
Estimated Materials Cost: $0-+
Prerequisites: None

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