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Intarsia - Bill Boggs
We will be learning to cut and shape small pieces of
colorful or otherwise interesting rocks and actually gluing them together to form intricate scenic and/or geometric patterns. This is a basic class. We will be using flat laps and intarsia grinders (not faceting machines). Materials are provided but feel free to bring some of your own if you like. A start-up kit of basic supplies will be provided for a nominal cost. The overall costs for the week will depend upon how many slabs and of which type of material you purchase. Overall costs for the week will be less if you have your own material.

Lab Fee: $15.00
Estimated Materials Cost: $20-$40
Prerequisites: Cabochons

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Intarsia II - Richard Shackleton
In this class, we will be using a faceting machine to create intarsias. The first project will be a small square with multiple borders. The second project will teach varying angles. The third project will deal with multiple sides and the last lesson will involve odd shapes and tapered borders. Most students will have time to make one of their own. All material and supplies are included.

Lab Fee: $60.00
Estimated Materials Cost: $0
Prerequisites: Faceting is highly recommended

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