Gem Identification

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Gem Identification I - Kathy Kinev
This class will teach a hands-on approach to gem identification. We will learn to identify faceted gem materials. All the information given is based on GIA and Gem-A education. We will learn to use the microscope, refractometer, polariscope, loupe, dichroscope, ultraviolet light and spectroscope to identify gemstones. All equipment will be provided in the classroom. You will learn about the physical and chemical properties of gemstones and test each stone that is available for the class to use there will be hundreds of gemstones available to see and test. We will learn about every gemstone and crystal system, their physical and chemical characteristics, inclusions and the origin of gemstones. Presentations are given by AV and, to provide maximum attention to each student's learning process, only six students will be accepted to each class. Lab fee includes a high-quality Hastings Triplet Loupe and a GIA Diamond Stone cloth. Included will be a booklet of color handouts on gemstones, terms and useful information for identification of gemstones.

Lab Fee: $100.00
Estimated Materials Cost: $0
Prerequisites: None

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