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Carving I - Soapstone Carving - Sandy Cline
This course will provide a general introduction to the carving of soapstone. You will develop a working knowledge of the material, the tools, safe handling issues and the methods used to complete a carving. Beginning with a study of the properties of the stone, you will produce a simple piece and progress to making a sculpture of your choice. The development of your personal style is encouraged. The instructor will provide all necessary tools. The stone for the first project, a swimming Loon, is included in the lab fee. Thereafter, stone cost for this course will depend on the size of the project or projects chosen. Stone will be $3 per pound. An average carving will generally use ten pound of stone. You should bring towels or bubble wrap to carry home your finished carvings.

Lab Fee: $40.00
Estimated Materials Cost: $0+ $3 per pound of stone
Prerequisites: None

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