William Holland School of Lapidary Arts - Testimonials

I am always glad i came to this school, and i look forward to returning again. The instructors are great and the week was all I hoped for and more. Anyone who wants to learn about Jewelry or any lapidary art should consider checking out their catalog of Classes.
- John Chapman

Diane Mason and Judi Wild are superb instructors, I took Wire 1 with them and learned a wealth of knowledge! The entire staff is very friendly and the food is delicious, with a very nice salad bar. I will be taking another class there very soon! I would highly recommend it to beginners and experts in the Jewelry making art. Bravo!!
- Amber Dru

One of the greatest arts experience I have ever enjoyed. A don't miss opportunity to learn everything from leatherworking, seedbeading, silversmithing, wire wrapping, cabochon cutting or faceting, gem identification, on and on and on!!! It's like summer camp for adults, with occasional youth classes.
- Lyn Simms

William Holland is the best place to go for a wonderful experience in lapidary arts. They have great classes and wonderful experienced instructors. We make new friends every year. I always call William Holland a summer camp for adults!
- Deneen Allen-Bailey

There is no better place to spend a week! I've been attending classes yearly since 2004 and I leave refreshed and inspired. I've met "new" lifelong friends each year! I can't wait until June 19 to begin this year's adventure @ my "summer camp for big kids"!
- Rhonda Allen

My hubby David and I have been attending classes at this school for the past 4 years and we are going back again next month. We not only enjoy the classes but the auction is a lot of fun too. We donate every year toward that. The whole place reeks with friendliness and the staff are very accommodating as well.
- Connie Tyler