Jim  Richardson

Jim started making jewelry in 1977, which led him to many jobs in the jewelry industry. From being a polisher in a silver jewelry manufacturing facility, to years as a bench jeweler, Jim has kept learning new skills and perfecting old ones. Throughout the 1980s, his interest led him to study with a series of modern masters and innovators in the jewelry and blacksmithing fields. In 1995, Jim earned a Master of Fine Arts from the University of Georgia in Jewelry and Metalsmithing. Even before earning his degree, he has been supporting himself for years working within his chosen craft. Jims love of teaching reflects clearly in the work of his students. His innovative teaching style, wealth of knowledge and enthusiastic approach make his classes fun and richly informative. Currently, Jim lives and works near Athens, GA, where he makes jewelry for private clients and does occasional shows. His interests include ancient metalsmithing techniques, innovative modern tools and traditional blacksmithing.