Tom  Mitchell

I have been an amateur geologist since college and have been fascinated by rocks and crystals all my life. Since retiring from a career in fire safety, I have pursued these interests vigorously and over the past several years I have acquired a modest collection of gem rough. I had a few of these pieces faceted by someone else, which turned out to be exorbitantly expensive. Consequently, I took up faceting at William Holland with Bill Compliment (Faceting 1) and David Corn (Faceting 2). I purchased my first faceting machine, an Ultra Tec V2 Digital, in 2009 after completing Faceting I and upgraded it to the V5 Digital in 2012, and I have never stopped or slowed down with my faceting interests. I am currently the President of the Tomoka Faceters Guild in Central Florida, and Im also President of the United States Faceters Guild. I also teach basic geology, gemology, gem and mineral identification and faceting at The Villages Gem and Mineral Society in The Villages, Florida. I have published a book on faceting for beginners which is in its 6th edition.  This book is part of the kit you get when you take my class.  My wife and I have a jewelry business and I have been evaluating, cutting and setting stones for customers since early 2010.