Judy  Kelly

Judy has been lampworking for over ten years. She has studied with Corina Tettinger, Kim Field, Sally Sara LaGrande, Rocio Bearer, Beth Olson, Andrea Guarino-Slemmons, Lance Mc Rorie, Maureen Buckely Mc Rorie and many others, including instructors at William Holland. Every year she takes additional classes to get exposure to new and different techniques. Ms. Kelly actively tries to include her background in clay sculpting into her glasswork. She is bringing new techniques from her classes with a desire to teach a greater understanding of where to work your design in the flame. Her husband co-teaches with her and keeps the students in an understanding of how to cold work their lampwork to get the best possible results. He is also known for keeping students on the torch while supplying mandrels ready for use (including the specialty mandrels). He is always ready to help them finish their creations into useable, wearable art. Additionally, Ms. Kelly teaches Kumihimo at William Holland that includes the use of her Lampwork, Daggers and other works of art she considers worthy of putting to their Kumihimo projects. She is pursuing being recognized as a certified Kumihimo Teaching Instructor. This is a new certification that is currently being developed. As an added bonus to her Kumihimo Class, she offers time to teach the students Bead Crochet. Ms. Kelly spends her winters taking classes around the globe in Kumihimo and Lampwork. If there is something she wants to learn, she will find who can share the knowledge.