Pat  Davis

Pat is a multi-faceted crafter whose interests cover a wide spectrum, including cabbing, channel work, enameling, scrimshaw, gourd art, wood carving and more. A little gourd with a few stars and a moon carved out of it sparked a lasting interest in things gourdly for Pat. It also prompted her to take classes at the Gourd College, the Florida Gourd Festival, Florida Gourd Retreat, Alabama Gourd Festival and the Cherokee Gourd Artist Gathering. An Award winning pyrographer, Pat has been crafting artistic as well as functional pieces from gourds since 2008. Pat is a member of the Manasota Patch of the Florida Gourd Society. She has been cutting cabochons since 1996. She honed her lapidary skills at the Suncoast Gem and Mineral Society where she continues to teach and help supervise the shop. Pat has taught at William Holland since 2011. She also teaches workshops for SFMS. She used to cut every stone she could get her hands on today she applies a more stringent set of criteria for selecting rough to produce stones truly worth the time and effort it takes to cut extraordinary cabochons.