Sandy  Cline

Sandy is a self-taught sculptor who has been developing his skills for over fifty years. He credits his success to the insight gained from studying Malvina Hoffmans books on sculpture. He has taught carving in colleges, museums and schools across Canada and the United States. Sandy refuses to believe that carving requires any special talent. Rather he prefers to trust that the urge to create is inherent in all of us, and that the teacher should promote these values in those seeking knowledge. His classes create a very congenial, cohesive, atmosphere that has resulted in some excellent carvings from students who never believed they could carve. Sandy has been asked to create pieces for awards and presentations by various colleges and organizations such as Sir Sanford Fleming College, the Canadian Synchronized Swimming Team, the Cleveland Museum of Natural History, the Canadian Nurses Association, Sports Canada and the Womens World Hockey Championships. Examples of his work can be found at: