Bill  Cady

Bill is a former member of the Jacksonville, FL and Henderson County North Carolina Gem and Mineral Societies and has recently moved to Young Harris, Georgia. He has taught at William Holland for many years as a well as a few times at Wildacres for the Federation. He also gives private lessons in his home. He originally studied silver fabrication under Paul Casteel and later attended a course in Clyde, NC for about a year. He also attended classes under several teachers her at William Holland. His main interest is to help beginning students to get familiar and comfortable with different methods and techniques of silver fabrication. Of course, the results will be seen in the jewelry made by the students while in class.

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Silver I - Bill Cady
The class is structured for the first couple of days and then you will be free to work on whatever you wish in silver fabrication that is within your capabilities. I like to challenge my students, but not to the point of frustration. I hope you will trust my judgment in this. All tools will be furnished by the school and/or myself. If you wish to bring your own tools, please feel free. I know I am more comfortable using what I am familiar with. I use an OptiVISOR to improve the visual aspect of the work and strongly advise you to have some form of magnificationit makes for better work. I recommend a #4 or #5 lens or a 2 or 2 power magnification. I do require that all students where shoes that do not expose the toesit is HOT metal. You will be introduced to the tools, materials and techniques of basic silver fabrication. This will include cutting, sawing, filing, assembly, silver (hard) soldering and finishing (polishing etc.) of four or more pieces of jewelry including bracelets, rings, pendants and earrings. Come, learn and enjoy!
Lab Fee: $50
Estimated material cost: $100-$200 unless you purchase an exceptional amount of silver or expensive cabochons.

Lab Fee: $50.00
Estimated Materials Cost: $100-$200
Prerequisites: None

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