Teva  Chaffin

The strength of an oak, the shape of a drop of rain, the rays of the sun and the transformation of a butterfly are all sources of inspiration for Teva Chaffin.
She is the founder of TevaJane, a unique jewelry company, Where she uses only the best sterling silver, leather and pearls to create each individual piece of jewelry.
Teva has been teaching Precious Metal Clay and jewelry design for over 12 years. She has taught art classes across the US in places like Arrowmont School of Arts in Tennessee, Purdue University in Indiana and William Holland School of Lapidary Arts.
She has been featured in various publication and participated in too many juried exhibits and shows to list.
Her designs are inspired by her surroundings, the essence of life and the journey we are all on. Be it mountains, streams, trees or valleys, TevaJane creates unique pieces inspired by nature.
Teva Chaffin is a true lover of nature. But she is also a survivor. From her life experience she helps empower others to see the beauty that can arise from trauma. Her pieces are made with a true sense of tenderness and care. She is an advocate for helping women to appreciate their uniqueness and celebrate their victories.
She enjoyed teaching and inspiring others to dream big. She believes anything is possible and encourages her students not to limit themselves.
She believes we each have incredible strength. We are each shaped in the perfect image. We each bring light to the world. But most importantly every one of us has the ability to transform ourselves without being hindered by others.