David  Bergquist

Dave has always had an interest in minerals and fossils. After retirement, he joined the Rock Club in Fort Walton Beach, FL, where he began to develop a variety of lapidary skills. He started taking classes at William Holland and Wild Acres in 2007. Although many lapidary skills were enjoyable, cabochons quickly became his favorite. Soon he had a basement full of grinders, laps and polishers, and too many rocks to store neatly. He and his wife, Sandra, started a small lapidary and jewelry business selling out of their home, on the Internet and at art and craft shows. Wanting to foster enthusiasm for his craft in others, he eventually started teaching lapidary at home, in his club and at William Holland. David treats each cab as an object of art, attempting to develop and present the unique patterns and colors of each stone to obtain the most interesting and pleasing result. Because his enthusiasm for lapidary is infectious, Davids classes are always entertaining and rewarding for beginners and old hands alike.