Mitzi  Boyd

Mitzi has been making kaleidoscopes for 30 years, having been trained by the best in the industry. She has benefited greatly from professionals such as Steven Underberg, Scott Cole, Sheryl Koch and Marc Tickle. Mitzi has made kaleidoscopes from an array of materials including PVP pipe, acrylic tube, bamboo cane, stained glass, wood and pen turnings. Although Mitzi is involved with multiple other crafts including beading, stained glass, painting, wood turning, jewel making, polymer clay, and enameling, her first love has always been kaleidoscopes. I find them so fantastic, I can look into them for hours, says Mitzi. Kaleido-scopes are also used to treat pain in Asia. Mitzi lives in South Carolina with her husband who is a master Windsor chair maker and an instructor. Mitzi says, I believe the more you learn the younger you feel.