From the beginning, the William Holland School of Lapidary Arts has been dedicated to preserving knowledge of the Lapidary Arts and to serving the community by providing quality Lapidary, Earth Science, and Jewelry Making classes to the widest range of students possible. It makes us proud that each and every member of our faculty volunteers their time and considerable talents solely for the joy that sharing with our students brings.

Over the years, much of the lapidary and jewelry making industry has moved overseas and, increasingly, the human lapidary and jeweler are being replaced by mechanical processes as the expertise needed to cut, polish and form stones by hand fades. All of us here at William Holland; board members, staff, faculty, and volunteers; are dedicated to preserving this legacy which has been passed down and perfected for generations and constantly reminds us of the natural beauty that surrounds and supports our community.

The William Holland School of Lapidary Arts is founded on community service and continues to be supported by an incredible network of volunteers, donors, patrons, and dear friends. Help us to honor the commitment of our founders and all of those who have given of themselves to make this school a reality. Please pass the word and help us to make sure future generations can benefit from the wonderful treasures that the Earth has to offer. Every donation is appreciated and welcome. William Holland Retreat Inc. is a nonprofit, tax-exempt organization under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Donations are tax-deductible as allowed by law. Thank You!


Even though we charge a small amount to cover lodging, food, and registration services provided to students, we continue to rely on your monetary donations to continue improving and expanding the facilities and services we provide. At this time, we are undertaking renovations on our original facility, Sparks Lodge, and are also paying down a mortgage used to build Otto's Lodge, our newest facility. So far, you have helped us to renovate eight of the twenty-nine rooms in Sparks at a cost of $3,000 per room and pay down $178,000 of the $600,000 mortgage on Otto's Lodge.

Looking toward the future, we are hoping to add more classrooms and parking so that we can better serve the Lapidary community with more classes that interest our students and better accessibility, especially for those with mobility and other concerns. Adding new commons areas and dining facilities will also allow us to reach out to a younger generation, sharing the joy of Jewelry Making and ensuring the legacy we seek to uphold. Additionally, expanding the services we offer online will help us to reach a world-wide audience and make it easier than ever before for the casual rockhound to immerse themselves in the joys of Lapidary and Jewelry Making.

Any contribution goes a long way toward completing our current projects and meeting our future goals. If you are able to make a contribution of $1,000 or more, you or a designated organization, will receive one free week of lodging and class here at William Holland per $1000 donated. Those who contribute $100 toward the renovation of Sparks Lodge will be honored with a special place on our Honorary Contributor's plaques. Contributions may be made in honor of a special person. Clubs or individuals who wish to donate $3,000 toward Sparks Lodge renovations are eligible to become a sponsor for a room and be honored with a plaque placed at their chosen room commemorating their generosity. Very special recognition will be given to those who are able to give in amounts exceeding $10,000.


The cornerstone of the William Holland School of Lapidary Arts has always been our long tradition of volunteerism. Our entire teaching faculty is made up of volunteers and, in fact, our original lodge (Sparks) was built entirely by the efforts or those willing to donate their time and talents to make this school a reality. As we expand, it becomes even more important that our supporters stay involved in helping us to provide the best services we can to the Lapidary community.

Every year, we encourage our students, faculty, and supporters to join us for one week before the start of our season for our Work Week. Those who donate their time help us to perform routine maintenance for our grounds and facilities, inventory classrooms, and other necessary tasks to get the School ready for the upcoming season. All those willing to donate their time are welcome and we can certainly find a job that will suit any level of ability. We provide on-campus housing to those that need it and all volunteers are welcome to join us for free meals. All volunteers for Work Week receive a certificate honoring their commitment to keeping William Holland excellent. We post the dates for Work Week on the front page of our website about two months in advance. If you are interested in helping us to keep William Holland in tip-top condition, contact us. We are always looking for new and exciting class offerings to fit the needs of the Lapidary community. Instructors must complete an application process to our Board of Directors as we hold our instructors to a high standard for quality of work as well as ability to create an effective, creative and fun learning environment. William Holland works with all instructors to provide free room and board here on campus during their classes as well as tools and equipment for most classes. Instructors may bring one immediate relative during their teaching weeks who will receive free room, board, and tuition to a class as well. Those who are able to teach two or more classes during a season are eligible for one free week of class including room and board for every two classes they teach, with a maximum of two free classes per season.