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Online Payment

1. Go to
2. Go to Sign in and click Student Logon
3. Create account
4. Then, search for a class by clicking onto Our Classes or Our Instructors
5. Pick a class that you are interested in and click Enroll in this Class Now! This will take you to a page that will tell you when the class is scheduled and if there are any openings available.
6. If you find a class you want to take, click Enroll. This will then take you to a series of questions related to housing, etc. Follow the steps, and pay for your class online or send a check.

Basic lodging is $395 per week. More if you want a private room, less if camping or commuting. Lodging is paid to William Holland. Class fees and supplies are paid directly to the instructors.
Students who have been having issues paying online. PLEASE FOLLOW THESE STEPS.
1: Go to more information
2: Click on My Account
3: It will have each class that you have registered for.
4: There is the going to be the options of "pay deposit online or pay tuition online. with Add to cart beside each option.
5: Select the option you prefer. You will have to do each class INDIVIDUALLY. A POP UP SCREEN WILL APPEAR(if you do not allow pop-ups please change that option.) . LET THE PAGE LOAD FULLY. After it is loaded fully and your class is in the cart. EXIT THAT PAGE.
6: Repeat Steps 3-5 for each class until all of your classes are in your cart. ALWAYS DOUBLE CHECK THAT THE CLASS IS IN YOUR CART.
7: Once you have completed all of your classes and placed them in your paypal account you will be able to complete your payment process!

Our Instructors